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Trust: Building a Relationship With Your Child

How can we have a relationship with our children and how far do we go with trusting them vs. making sure we are aware of what’s going on in their lives? Is it ok to “be their friend” or do I always have to “be the mom”? You can listen to the podcast "Building Trust".

These are some of the questions we want to talk about today. But first, let’s review the basics of what we have covered so far by doing a little quiz!

Here are some scenarios and questions for us to discuss.

1. You are at home and have instructed your child to pick up their toys. They do not do it. What do you do? a. Repeat the instructions. b. Start picking them up yourself. c. Give them a consequence for disobedience and try again. d. Leave the toys on the floor for now and allow them to decide when to pick them up. e. Physically make them pick up each toy. 2. Your child has been told they cannot have something they have asked for and begins to fuss? What should you do? a. Tell them they can have the item later. b. Cover their mouth until they are finished fussing. c. Repeat that they cannot have it louder so they can hear you above their fussing. d. Give them a few chances to stop fussing, then cover their mouth. e. Give them the item so they will stop fussing. 3. You are at church with your family and your child turns away from someone who tries to engage them in conversation. What should your response be? a. Tell them your child is shy and allow them to hide behind you. b. Make your child say “hello” and shake their hand right then. Don’t give in to this. c. Tell them your child has been taught not to talk to strangers. d. Tell them you are working on that, then privately instruct your child. e. Give them a spanking.

4. Your husband and you have just put your children to bed after making sure all their needs are met, and you have instructed them to stay in bed. Your three year old comes in and says they need a drink. What should you do? a. Tell them to go back to bed. b. Get them a drink