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Family Influences on Your Children: Navigating Extended Family Dynamics

Some of the greatest help, support and encouragement you can receive as a mom is from your extended family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins can be a wonderful sources of friendship and guidance for your children when they are on the same page with you on what values you hope to instill. But what if they are not on the same page? Then what?

During this session we will discuss navigating the influences and dynamics between you, your children, and extended family members.

Let’s first talk about what your role is as a mom.

  • To teach them about God and His will in their life.

  • To provide for their physical and spiritual needs.

  • To protect them from physical and spiritual harm.

  • To give them love and emotional support.

  • To teach them how to socially relate to the world.

  • To ensure they have an adequate education for a successful adult life.

In every session, we have discussed something that can be categorized under one or more of these six fundamental parental responsibilities specifically r