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How to Raise Grateful Children: Helping Your Child Recognize Reasons for Joy!

What is the opposite of grateful? Ungrateful? What about "entitled"?

All too often in recent years, the word “entitled” has been used to describe the younger generation. Isn’t it true that it seems like an attitude of entitlement has begun to permeate a lot of our youth? Why is that, and how can we help our own children avoid this kind of character flaw?

Being that Thanksgiving is this week, we are going to be discussing different principles of parenting that can help you guide your child to an attitude of gratefulness.

When we are talking about gratefulness, we are also talking about happiness… and even deeper than that, joy. Gratefulness, happiness and joy are three words that give a lift to the spirit! A person who is not grateful is a person who is not happy. A person who is not grateful is a person without true joy. Clearly, we all want a life full of joy, but that cannot be obtained without the building blocks of gratefulness.

What are some building blocks to help your child attain gratefulness? Here are some ideas.

Teach Manners Why are manners so important to having a grateful spirit? One of the first steps to being grateful is thinking outside oneself. A person who has a perspective that is skewed by a lack of understanding of the positions of others cannot possibly be a grateful person. They have to see what others do for them, recognize it's value, and behave accordingly.