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Christmas: An Opportunity to Enjoy Christ with Your Children

We all want to have a joyous time with our families at Christmas. There is something really special about being surrounded by loved ones during the holidays. And children need these special times to feel a part of a group. The Christmas season is a great opportunity to give your children a sense of belonging.

Unfortunately, Christmas has been overtaken by commercialism and worldly traditions that have nothing to do with the true reason for the season. It’s interesting that you can watch movies made for the Christmas season that try to show a message of how materialism is not what is important… but many times they still miss the point. They still do not make it about Christ and His birth.

Today we will talk about different ways to be sure we are helping our children focus on the real reason for the season and how to use these kinds of special occasions to boost their feeling of family and their desire to keep those family connections strong.

So let’s start with some things that would be beneficial to teach our children about Christmas.

Teach Truth

Teach your children that Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth. It’s about His most wonderful gift to us! Because He came into the world, we all have the opportunity to attain everlasting life with God! How miraculous! But, we need to also realize there are many traditions that can take our children away from this message. Christmas is not about Santa Claus, reindeer, nutcrackers or sugarplum fairies. These may be fun things that are traditions in our culture, and that is fine if they are in their place. But they are not what Christmas is actually about. If you are a Christian mom, this is an opportunity to teach truth to your children while having a fun and joyous holiday season! Santa?

If we want them to believe us about things they cannot see, we need to be honest with them about what is real and what is not. Recently I saw a video on the internet where there was a Santa and sleigh that looked so real and was actually in the air ab