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Effective Forms of Discipline: Truths & Consequences

This article defines the different forms of discipline to curb undesired behaviors in children and specifies which should be applied when, how to apply and what age is appropriate for each.

In the article “Discipline is a Positive Thing” from this blog, the definition of discipline was given as follows:

“denying yourself a momentary want in order to accomplish a bigger goal.” You may have heard that the English language has many flaws. Too many of our words have several different meanings. One of these flaws is with this word. Discipline is not only used to describe the means by which we accomplish goals, but is also used to describe punishments for bad behavior.

First things first: The three most important things your child must know for real success in parenting:

1. They must know you love them.

2. They must know you know what is best for them.

3. They must know you will do whatever is necessary to see that the best for them is done.

I would like to suggest that we think of discipline right now in the context of the phrase “active guidance”. We are actively changing the environment around our children both spiritually and physically to guide and motivate them to behave in ways that will bring them the most success in their lives.

Mature parenting is essential in understanding how to use the tools of discipline with our children. Being a mature parent means that you are always aware that your present actions and words will have an effect on your chil