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Parenting Pitfalls: Real Moms vs. the "Experts"

There is a vast world of child behavioral scientists and psychologists that most new parents turn to for advice. There are some with good points! But, unfortunately, it is mostly necessary to go against the conventional “wisdom” of today in order to raise well-behaved and happy children.

For example, here is the advice given on how to deal with toddler temper tantrums from a psychologist on the internet.

Five (Not-So-Great) Parenting Tips for Difficult Toddler Behavior (Temper Tantrums)

1. Empathize & Paraphrase

2. Give two options with the same outcome

3. Use logical consequences

4. Hug it out or hold space for their "big" feelings

5. Get present and get outside

Let’s go through each of these tips and see why they are not the way to handle an out-of-control child.

1. Empathize and paraphrase

It is important that a child knows the parent understands