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About Holly

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Mommy Answer Lady

Holly McLean

I'm a certified parent educator, mom of nine, and author of

How to Train Your Child to Behave: The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Child's Behavior,

with 35 years experience working with children and families.  

I started Parenting Dynamics because my heart was  breaking for the parents I would see struggling every day to deal with their children's bad behavior.  They have no idea what to do!  But, all this stress and anxiety is SO unnecessary and I knew I could help. 


I needed to find a way to communicate how to train children with practical solutions that go against the modern, progressive ideologies in the parenting world today that leave parents exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed.  

Thus, Parenting Dynamics was born and I became the Mommy Answer Lady!  My hope and prayer for you and your family is to find practical, step by step solutions to your parenting questions that actually WORK and that will leave you and your family with a specific plans to solve those parenting dilemmas that are causing you so much stress. 

Quotes from
Mommy Answer Lady

"Parental maturity is understanding how your present words and actions will effect your child's distant future and acting on that knowledge in a responsible way."

"Every response you give to a child's behavior becomes an expectation and then a habit."

"Never, ever reward bad behavior unless you want more of it."

"The most important aspect of good parenting is building an appropriate parent/child relationship.  Without that, no amount of discipline or parenting methods will result in a positive outcome."

"Love is doing what's best for the other person, in this case your child, regardless of the consequences to yourself."

"Consistency is the key to effectiveness in parenting as well as any other long term endeavor."

"Tantrums should not be considered normal or expected except in those children who have not been taught differently."

"If you're struggling, something needs to change and you can do this!"

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