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About The Mommy Answer Lady

The Focus & Purpose

I am a Certified Parent Educator, mother of nine children and have a real passion for training young children.  
For years, I have wanted so badly to help mothers who I see struggling in the store, in church, in restaurants with unruly children... knowing if I could just have some way to give them advice, I could help.  I feel for them so much.  I know they are embarrassed and frustrated when their children are out of control. I know many times, they just don't know what to do. 

But, what can I do?  Intrude?  Of course not.  So, I decided after much prayer and thought to start a podcast called The Mommy Answer Lady.  I also run a local mother's group called Mentor4Moms in Independence, MO. 

The goal is to help and support moms to truly thrive and enjoy their children as they grow into responsible and happy adults.  

My hope and prayer is that this will become a go to place where mothers can find help and advice to really stop struggling and BE THE MOM!


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Holly McLean

I am a mother of nine children ages 14-32 as of 2019.  Before you ask... seven boys, two girls, all single births, all from the same wonderful husband, David McLean, not Mormon, not Catholic, and yes, I know how this happens.  You can imagine I already know all the questions. LOL.  We have one dog and two cats currently!

I have been a stay at home mom for 32 years, have temporarily worked full time outside of the home, worked part time, worked from home, and been a home school mom as well as had my children attend private school and take classes in a public school. 

Basically, I've done it all!

My grown children now include:
- a son who had Asperger's syndrome, ADD and was visually impaired but now has two college degrees and works on computer software for a major bank. 
- a daughter who is happily married with two young sons and works tirelessly helping other moms while being very involved in church work and activities.
-- a daughter who has a master's in Speech Language Pathology & works for a health affliate in Lafayette County. 
- a son who has a degree in emerging media and is a TV news anchor and reporter at an ABC affiliate.
- a son who is happily married, has an engineering degree and works in Kansas City.
- a son who is an operating engineer for a hospital and owns his own home.

- a son who is in his second year of college.

-two sons still in school.

Five of my sons have earned their Eagle Scout award and two are still working on it.  The two youngest still live at home and the others have all successfully moved into the world as responsible adults.

I am not telling you this to brag although it may seem that way.  But I do not have a university degree. I never wanted anything but to be a good mom.  I did not take courses for 4,6 or 8 years of college and did not earn any kind of family counseling or psychology honors.  I am simply a mom who instead of letters after my name, has experience in raising successful children.  That doesn't mean they are all perfect, have never made any mistakes or had any failures.  I have and they have.  

But, my hope and my goal in telling you about myself is that by knowing these things, you will understand why some of the things you hear from me may actually work ... in real life!  Not from a text book or a theory from a professor of child development... but instead from a mom who has done it!

And that by following this ministry, you will receive a blessing in your life and the lives of your children and family.

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