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"By reading How to Train Your Child to Behave, I felt like I was getting personalized coaching and guidance from a parenting expert who understands my struggles and knows how to help me.  I love this book so much because it’s so hard to find a book that teaches this kind of discipline. It reminds me of how my parents raised me and my sister, and we were really polite, grateful kids. I just love your perspective and I can’t find any other books out there like yours!"

-Kelly P.

"Before meeting the Mommy Answer Lady, I was struggling with how to consistently deal with whining and fits.  As a consequence, my children were seemingly constantly unhappy and always throwing fits.  I felt as if I had lost control of my children.  Being mentored by Holly was an answer to prayer.  She gave me tools to help eliminate the whining and fits.  I no longer struggle, and my children are happier. I am thankful for the time and love Holly has put into helping moms like me to train our children."


-Kae J, mom of 4

“The Mommy Answer Lady has the answers!

I have really appreciated the practical application and common sense that Holly presents to help me with caring for my children. I have two boys, 4 and 6 currently, and once I started using the methods in this curriculum, I saw significant improvement in their behavior and attitudes. I have consistently obedient, happy, well behaved boys whom adults and other children love to be around. 

The “bedtime battles” we used to have are a thing of the past, and one of my boys struggled with “strong willed” behavior is now one of the sweetest kids in his first grade class.

I am very proud of my children, and I have the Mommy Answer Lady to thank for the child-raising wisdom I have acquired. Highly recommend to anyone!"

 -Beth S, mom of 2

"I have 4 children, and as one would guess, sometimes I would get really overwhelmed and/or frustrated with my children’s behavior. However, once I began to follow the The Mommy Answer Lady, our household changed dramatically for the better. Holly gives moms practical tips for getting your children to behave, while also helping you to foster a closer relationship with your children.


One thing we were struggling with in our family was a 5 year old who was lying. Holly helped me figure out what steps to take and how to help my child understand the destruction that lying could cause. We saw a complete change with my daughter, and now she is my most trustworthy child of them all.


Another problem we had was that my toddler would scream and throw himself on the floor if he did not get his way. This was not only embarrassing in public, but the screaming grates one my nerves and makes me feel stressed out and angry. Holly has a great solution for fit-throwing toddlers, and now we are able to take our toddler in public any time, and I don’t have to worry about fits being thrown (or if a fit breaks out, I know how to stop it immediately!) Trips to the store with all my children in tow are easy for me now!


Holly is very loving and level-headed in her approach to parenting. Her advice is solid, and she cares about the families she works with. I love her practical tips that really work! If you are consistent in following her guidelines, your children will behave and you will no longer struggle every day."


-Nannette S, mom of 5

"The insight and practical guidance I have received from Holly has been incredibly valuable in my day-to-day parenting. Learning the difference between mature parenting and immature parenting has probably been the most helpful and influential in my decisions, solving issues now before they escalate into bigger problems. I love her step-by-step approach. When things like lying or sibling rivalry arise in our home, I know exactly what to do and simply follow the plan; no more stressing out about it! Thank you, Holly, for empowering me with the tools I need to be an effective parent. "

-Heidi W, mom of 3

"I shared your CTM video with my son who’s 2.5 years old and been a chronic screamer for MONTHS and the change was dramatic and very quick. I thought I had heard every approach to tantrums etc. but CTM was very creative and non-traumatic. It definitely sounds more dramatic than it is…. At least in this case. Anyway I am a big fan!"


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