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Discerning Parental Advice: A short guide

There are so many people on the internet giving parental advice, including “experts” in child psychology.  It’s amazing!  Yet, I have found a trove of bad advice that is not helpful and in fact, can keep you from the goal of having happy and content children… and definitely keep the goal of “no more struggling” from your reach!



















So, here’s a quick guide to discern what good advice and bad advice looks like.


If the advice is bad, it does the following:

It puts the child in charge

It avoids the problem

It treats the problem as unimportant

It puts feelings above truths

It allows the continuation of bad behavior

It doesn’t address the future

It distracts rather than addresses the issue


If advice is good, it does the following:

It makes clear you are in charge

It addresses the problem

It treats the problem as important

It puts truths ahead of feelings

It stops the bad behavior

It addresses the future

It doesn’t distract from the issue


For more on this, listen to The Mommy Answer Lady podcast called “How To Discern Parental Advice”. 

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